Ancient myths and legends manifest themselves again


The Main-top-menu of this page provides all the videos and stuff...just beware \m/ ;-)  

Music videos & Storytelling videos....feel free to book a passionate concert and lecture, diving into our adventurous treasure of legends, myths, soulful germanic/northern mytology and folklore. A trip to another world, for a short while ;-) 

Deep in our magical Forests dwells our spiritual- and cultural heritage. Magical runes and mytological songs evokes the demons og forces, that made us vikings and conqured the whole world.  

Harald puts lyrics and rythm, on this magic, that makes us dream and strive for our highest potential in raise our viking drinking horns high, and drink a toast in heavenly mead, in honour to the Gods, heroes and entities of nature. 

Let the shamanice voice in your mind, the heathen burial mound, the full moon and Jættestuen itself, greet you welcome....greet you welcome home to your dark magical past....and you will feel "My Soul is So Alive" 

Inspiration: King Diamond, Bathory, Myrkur, Isengard, Coven and Magnum.

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